Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So sore

Back in the surgeon's office today for some revision of my reconstruction site. As part of the Breast Cancer story I have had my nipples placed on. Crude to even say the word "nipple" but I guess that is what it is so there you have it. Anyway. I have been fighting an infection in my left one ever since the surgery ( hospital acquired ) and today I had it cleaned and re- sutured. God help me. 12 sutures later. I am thankful for:

  1. Time off in the busy day to leave and have my "revision".
  2. Tator at my door way when I got home. :)
  3. My new friend Layne. ( even if we only got to know each other as she leaves for another job)!
  4. Drive through pharmacy
  5. Percocet. see above post.


Layne said...

Aww, thanks Robin! You are so sweet. And you make it so much fun to go to work!

I'm so sorry about your nipple. It kinda makes mine hurt just thinking about it. :-( PLEASE take it easy and make sure Mrs. Percocet helps you through it! If not, maybe a few glasses of Mr. Chardonay will make it better! ;-)