Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary to You

Today Jared and Tina celebrate 4 years of wedded bliss. Hard to believe that my grown son now has a family of his own and will soon be opening his heart to one more little BOY. There family is growing and he is seeing what I have said all along. Being a parent is the single biggest joy you will ever know. I am so blessed to have had the 3 children I have and now get to sit back and watch them raise there own children. Not to mention being a grandma is AWESOME!!

Jeff and I babysat the boys tonight so the Jared and Tina could go out and have dinner. We stuffed the boys with Spaghetti, peanut butter and Oreo cookies. After giving them baths we watched Spider Man. So fun. Now we are home and Jeff is sleeping while I keep my promise. Hannah as you read this, know that I love you and am so Thankful for you and stand in awe of all you have been through making your life your own in Gainsville.

Without further delay: Today's top 5 thankyou's are

  1. Sleeping with all 4 of my kitties last night.
  2. Photo shop and all of the headaches that come with it!
  3. Hannah doing well in Calculus
  4. Sticky fingers all over me as Jackson kissed my face. :)
  5. Knowing my sister is in the state of Florida! Whoop Whoop!!