Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Because I had nothing better to do

I thought I would play around with my new little buddy, aka Nikon d5000. I love her but boy am I needing to learn alot!! Trying to figure out these fancy settings and so far just have become more and more frustrated. Not to worry though, I will prevail!!!!

I am scheduled to work tomorrow and I am crossing my fingers and toes! We have been canceling alot of nurses lately due to our census being so low. Time for some baby's to be born as much as I hate to wish it. Lets just say that if a pre-term baby is to be born in Central Florida I hope it will be at our hospital.

Today as much as any other day I remain grateful for so many things but here are my top 5 special Thanks for today.

  1. Time with my kitties as they snuggled around me. I swear they know just when I need them the most.
  2. Free long distance. This comes in handy especially when my daughter and I are sharing the same flu but in different cities. Just the sound of her voice brightens my day
  3. Knowing the love of my life loves me when I am least lovable. Okay, enough of the love I know.
  4. Renters that pay on time. :)
  5. Dinner from Uno's already heated and on a plate when I woke up from my 3rd nap today. Now that is love!