Sunday, December 27, 2009

So caught up

In all the holiday comings and goings that I really have not had much time to do much blogging or even breathing! Lucky for me breathing takes no thought so at least I managed to do that~!

Christmas came and went in a blur but one thing is for sure. We were and are surrounded by family and friends and all the love that comes with it. Jared and Tina had us all over and we ate, drank, opened gifts for what seemed like hours. Truly though, the day was highlighted by an impromptu game of "horse" using all of us. What a blast it was watching and being watched while we all put our awesome basketball skills to the test. Needless to say the only one that could really play was our 8 year old grandson Blake. He is obsessed with basketball and has become quiet the player if I do say so myself.

Tonight we are going to UCF to see the Christmas lights for the final time this year. They also have a skating rink but for 12 dollars I think I will pass. Great time for pictures though! :)

My wish for all of my friends and family as we end 2009 is that God Blesses you richly in 2010 and that everyday you take a moment to really see the wonders of his love.

My top 5 Thankyou's for 2009

  1. My continued health
  2. My wonderful family
  3. The love and support of close friends
  4. Security that nothing is too big for him
  5. All the "small" stuff.