Monday, December 14, 2009

She's here!

My sister that is! Whoop Whoop!! I haven't see her in almost a year and we have alot of catching up to do. Going to shop, eat and laugh all day. I can't wait!

Funny how during this time of year I get most especially sentimental. I remember the years we spent as children and all the excitement that went along with Christmas even though we were terribly poor and never had alot. We still managed to get into the magic of it all. My grandmother would make her very tiny ham out of a can, her potato salad that had the oddest taste and it wasn't until she was much older did we figure out what that "taste" was. I can't reveal it as it is a BIG secret. Don't' worry I don't think you would like it! :) She also made a wonderful cucumber salad that to this day I have not been able to make it perfectly like she did. My mouth waters just to remember it. Few gifts adorned our very sparsely decorated tree but they were all wrapped with care and our names written on them. I don't ever remember believing in Santa but I am sure I must have at some point. I do remember going through the Sears catalog and marking my initials next to the toys I wanted and dreaming for hours on end about getting them. Funny how come Christmas morning all I wanted was the smell of Grandmas house and the comfort she gave me. Gifts were great but it was her presence that was our biggest gift. We all felt that way, me, my sisters and my mother. My grandmother was our Angel, our sweet beautiful Angel.

I hope that all of you have your Angel this year. Hold them dear and let them remind you of the spirit of Christmas. It is their presence that is your present. Everyday with them is a gift.

Today I am Thankful for my "gifts"

  1. The sweet memories of my precious Grandmother
  2. My 2 sisters who hold on to her memories as dearly as I do
  3. My mother who loved us enough to share this wonderful woman with us.
  4. My own chance to try and be the grandmother to my own grandsons that she was to us.
  5. This moment in time .