Saturday, January 2, 2010

All is Quiet in baby land

Another very quiet day in the NICU. Normally this is great news and I guess to some extent it is but we are giving days off to nurses like crazy!! There goes starting out the new year saving money if you can't make the money! Yikes. My prayer is that if a baby NEEDS to be born PLEASE let it be our place.

Planning the baby shower for Tina and trying to get organized. Wow, it's alot of work but so much fun looking at all the blogs and all the ideas that are out there. Trying to make the day really special for our 3rd grandson and his mommy.

Amber made the Baby Shower invitations! I have them all addressed and ready to go out. Can't wait to get the response to them. Amber really out did herself.

Okay, time for my "Thank-you's"

  1. Crisp cool air. Ahhhh, feels wonderful
  2. Tator Tot and his fuzzy hair
  3. My welcome home club that consist of 4 very happy dog's.
  4. School starting on Monday. ( note sarcasm here )
  5. My husband who thought enough to put my favorite wine in the fridge for me. Oh, and poured it when I got home.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Jeff and I had a wonderful evening celebrating the end of 2009 and welcoming in 2010. The evening was spent with friends from work and lots of tasty cocktails. Started the new year with full belly's, warm friendships and a kiss from my husband. How could a New Year start any better than that?

As promised I will be Thankful for everyday starting today.

  1. Spending the day surrounded by my family
  2. Rainy, wet weather ( oh how I love it )
  3. Being asked to host my daughter in law's baby shower. ( an honor for me )
  4. Left over New Year's Eve food. Yumm
  5. God's love even when I am not lovable.

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!

Sweet Sugar dog checking out my homeade blankets