Friday, December 4, 2009

Not sure were my Thankyou list for yesterday went

I am sure it is somewhere off into Cyberland but for the life of me I know I wrote it!! Pretty sure God knows that I am thankful so I get a pass for the one missing list,I think.

Woke up a little early today and thought I would make my coffee, take a shower and actually be on time for work. My normal routine is to be up at 5 and rush around like a mad woman and be out of the house at 6. Oh no, not today. Up at 4:30, showered, coffee, which by now I am onto my 2nd cup and low and behold, the phone rings. hhhmmm, not good. Now I know full well that we have been cancelling people left and right because of a low census but surly not me, not on the morning I was up and wide awake? My husband looks at me, I look at him, dripping wet. He answers the phone. I am officially CANCELLED! Now what??? I can't go back to bed, too much caffeine, I stand there and do the next best thing. Throw back on my pajamas and sit at the computer. So here I am. Wet, hyper and cancelled.

My little dog Mandy does not mind that I am not working if fact she rather likes knowing that she has an unlimited number of hours to sleep on my lap. Lazy girl.

Today I have no more excuses I MUST start my Christmas list. Tight budget, and long lists of needs from all the kids. Time to get creative.