Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not a great way to end the Season.

Started this afternoon so excited about the SEC Championship game between U.F and Alabama but what a crushing blow. U.F. got their butts squarely kicked and I hate to say really deserved it. :( That is so hard to admit as I am a huge fan of the Florida Football team but what a bad night they had. Poor Tim Tebow. I know that the entire team is responsible for such a miserable loss but I have a feeling that Tim felt it the most. What a sad ending to a great season. Tim said it best when he spoke after the game. "when it is all said and done it is still a game and there are many more important things in life". Got to give it to him. Even in the pain of a huge loss for him both personally and professionally he still has his priorities straight. What a guy.

5 things I am Thankful for..

  1. Getting off half a day to watch football.
  2. Good friends to yell at the T.V. with.
  3. Good friends to Text and yell about the game with.
  4. Wings, Beer and Napkins
  5. Tim Tebow. :)


Layne said...

I was crying right there with ya! What a miserable game. I guess Amy didn't have as much fun as we would have thought? :-/

OH! And I'm still thankful for the Gators an our undefeated seaon even though we sucked it up yesterday. Hopefully Brantley will bring it next season!