Monday, November 16, 2009

Such a busy day with my little guy today. A little closer to Jesus by the change of the shift. So painful to watch and now I am mad. I don't know where the line is as to how far we go as a medical profession. I just know that God would not want this precious little one to suffer and that is what he is doing right now as far as I can tell. I am just so sad for him and for his parents. My prayer tonight is that God would reveal his plan for this little guy and that his mother and father can find some peace. One thing I know for sure is that NONE of this has taken our mighty God by surprise.

I am off tomorrow and plan to spend the day spoiling my grandson Blake and shopping with him for his Tim Tebow t-shirt for the big game on Saturday afternoon. What a cutie pie! It is great being a "young" grandma!

After I work on Wednesday I am off for a week! Whoop Whoop. I am in need of rest and recoup.


Sheryl said...

found you on the bloom site. what a STUNNING family! sounds like you have lots to share about seeing God at work. i look forward to getting to know you better.