Sunday, November 29, 2009

Does it work?

Try as I may to deny that I have any sort of upper respiratory thing going on I have succumbed to it. Up half the night coughing and now of course it's "productive". gross I know, sorry. Lots of fluids today and hopefully I have caught it in time to avoid the antibiotics. Curious that it all happens to be related to spending an hour cleaning dirty equipment Friday at work without a mask. I didn't wear a mask and complained all day about the fumes. hhhmmm. Next time I will wear a mask or better yet, do my job as an R.N and not pretend I am an equipment tech. But wait! Equipment techs DON'T work on holidays!! Guess that means I will have to wear the mask.

Thanks to my friend I hopefully can receive comments on my blog now. I followed the directions carefully so lets see if I am a total goof or really tech savvy.


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It works!

Sucks about the cough, though. That Cavicide is some nasty stuff. Hope you are feeling better soon!!