Saturday, November 28, 2009

WOW! What a Game!!

Like any crazy GATOR fan I count myself among them as I hold my head high and say IT'S GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR!! The last home game today and wow what a way to end the season. I am proud and sad that it was Tim Tebows last game on our beautiful field but man what a ride!! Hannah was one of the lucky 90,000 people in the stadium and she is still partying as I blog. What a great experience she is having at U.F. Ahhh, lucky girl.

Had my pedicure today and while deciding on a color to paint my toes I was talking to Hananh and she "dared" me to pick orange and blue. What? Dare me? I don't think so! Guess who has orange and blue toes? Yep. Me! I will send a picture soon!

Tomorrow is Blakes 8th birthday and so tonight we went to CiCi's for a Pizza dinner. Not my choice but hey, he's 8 and what 8 year old doens't think CiCi's is the greatest place on earth? We ate, drank soda, filled up on cupcakes and took lots of pictures. Lots of fun for sure. I can't believe my grandson is 8 already. Time is going by so fast. Just another reminder to savor EVERY moment.

God is good folks. He loves you and me with an OVERWHELMING love.