Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Finally

Although the last couple of days were crazy busy and fun I am ready for today. Calm, cool and Christmas. Lots to decorate today but I love every moment of it. I always have and it's the one day I look forward to all year. Everything feels whimsical and possible at Christmas time.

Heading out to the cat park this morning to look after my little feral cat community to feed and make sure there little houses in the woods are warm enough for them these next few chilly days. I take care of 2 colonies along with a couple of girlfriends and we take turns watching over our little gang of wild kitties. So many people ask me "how come" I do this. Do what? Make a commitment to taking care of little hungry kitties and provide them love and warmth? My question is who wouldn't? The reward is in knowing that once these kitties are fixed, ( we do that to ). They are free to grow fat and lazy and live out the rest of their lives without being a breeding machine. Everyone has there calling and that is one of mine.