Friday, November 27, 2009

Long Day in the NICU

Today just felt very long but at the same time good. Not sure how to explain that but anyhow lets just say it was a mixture of both. The long and the short of it is I work with some really GREAT people and then some really needy ones. You know the type? They just can't seem to do much on their own and require a great deal of assistance. Not saying that I don't like to help out but come on already!! On the whole it was okay and I have to say that there are many more good than bad so that's that.

I plan on spending tomorrow snuggled up on my couch watching the UF/FSU game and staying warm. Supposed to be really cold and I love that! We don't get many of those days here in Central Florida so I like to take advantage of it especially during football season. I think I will sleep in even! Wow, really? I say that now but I am pretty sure I will be up at 7 whether I want to or not. Just my own clock I guess.

Molly is plugging along on her Steroid high and for now we will take it. The Vet said that she will try to treat her as long as possible and we will just have to wait and see. I never thought I would feel so much pain watching my sweet little dog fight to live. She is such a trooper and I swear she understands what is going on. I know other people have said the same thing but I REALLY think she understands. Okay. I know your thinking shut up already.

Waiting for sweet Hannah to come home. Drinking Thera- Flu instead of wine. Uuugggghhh. Tired and ready for bed soon but first let me give Thanks.

1. New friendships and old ones. They sustain me.

2. Knowing that my husband would take a Million dollars for me.

3. Hananh kisses

4. This beautiful refreshing weather.

5. My Orange and Blue star.