Thursday, November 19, 2009

After spending an hour trying to find a nice back ground for my new found hobby ( blogging ) I still can't find the right color of font to go with it. hhhmmm

I also am showing my ignorance in the high tech world by somehow down loading a sticker! Not sure how I did it and worse yet I am not able to delete it either. What a slow learner I am! Amy can you help me with that? You are the computer genious of all my friends. HEELLLPPP!!

Well as hard as we tried yesterday to let our little preemie go meet Jesus he is still of this earth. His little body is breaking down in everyway but he still will not go. I am not sure what we are to learn from watching him suffer but I am sure that this little guy has served a purpose to so many of us involved in his care. His Mom and Dad have finally come to terms with it and now we are leaving it up to our God who is the author and finisher. I keep looking at him yesterday and prayed that God would release him to his perfect body and I know that it is coming. Who am I to question God?

Reading one of the best books called Crazy Love. In the book the author asks the question about how come we feel we have the right to question God anyway. So many people do and I am one of them. I think God is big enough to handle our questions. We are human and as part of our humanity we ask. Why

Some of the best advise I ever recieved was from my grandmother. She said, "Robin, God will not fall off his thrown just because you sin". That was the reality check I needed as a teenager to know that the world did not revolve around me. That our God was big enough and forgiving enough to not let my sin give him a bad day.

Wishing you a good and forgiving day. God is good today and tomorrow and his mercy endures forever.