Monday, November 30, 2009

Sneeze, Cough, Sleep

In that exact order I am afraid! Yes, I am offically sick with the flu. Haven't slept so much in a very long time. Guess I am grateful that I am off and all I really have to do is laundry. Got up and threw a load in, slept till the next load was due and got up and did it again. Wow, how is that for motivation?. Waking up to the alarm of the washer.

Woke up thinking if I will have the 5 things I am grateful for list today. You bet I will. Just got to sort them through because although I am not feeling great, I am grateful.

I can tell you that I am grateful for Jason Mraz. What a great voice to lift my spirits. Just makes me want to sing along. Tapping my foot as I type. I especially love the song I'm Yours, the live version. My husband and I can dance all night to that.