Monday, November 30, 2009

Thera-flude and Thankful

  1. Thera-flu and lots of fluids are the top of my THANK-FUL list.
  2. Fresh sheets that I actually managed to pull off the bed, wash and reapply. That was not easy!
  3. The fact that it takes very little effort to be Thankful even with a runny nose, fever and too much commotion going on around you.
  4. My husband kissing my eye lids to make me feel better. ( sigh )
  5. Any excuse to get to bed earlier than I normally would.


Layne said...

You know. . . you haven't mentioned wine yet? Aren't you thankful for wine? ;-)

I hope you have had a few glassfuls to get you through the rough spots!

Robinlynn said...

I am so Thankful for Wine but I am afraid if I mention it in every one of my "thankful" list's I will be labeled a WINO!! Oh well, a WINO I am then because I love the stuff!!!