Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! Busy day in our NICU and our new unit is up and running. So fun to work with Amy today. She is the best and so talented! Check out her Etsy shop Rosey Chic Boutique on my blog. Wonderful lady and friend.

Came home to a very sick Border Collie. Molly is so old now but still insists on walking up the stairs. She fell today and Jeff and I don't know how long she laid there. Poor baby. Came home to a mess to clean and a very embarrassed dog. Love her so but think that we are fast approaching some end of life decisions. so sad.

Today, let me be reminded of my blessings.

Sweet Mo Molly ( the best dog ever).

My sister. (enough said)


Family Pride

God's love, assurance and guidance in our very tough decisions.